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Girl Paintballer - Girl Paintballer

Girl Paintballer

Today, I am going to debate a delicate subject. 

“What qualities a first-class Paintball Player should have.”

From my perspective, a first-class Paintball Player has to be more than a guy who is the last one to “die” or the guy that takes down more opponents.

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Its common sense that many people think that there are sports only appropriate for boys. This idea, as the years pass by, is slowly changing.

From my point of view, and talking about my own experience, things are now much better concerning Paintball versus Women.

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I’m sure there are many people out there at the moment a little bit off set as to what exactly Girl Paintballer is right now, due to some major structural changes over the past few months. So here is a quick break down for you:

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Make sure you keep up to date with where all these lovely ladies will be over the course of this season! Dates will be updated on a regular basis, so make sure to stop by often! If you are interested in having any of these ladies out to your field or event please refer to the 'Contact' section. 

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“A hobby is a regular activity or interest that is undertaken for pleasure, typically done during one’s leisure time. Engaging in a hobby, can lead to acquiring substantial skill, knowledge and experience. Generally speaking, the person who engages in an activity for fun, not remunerated, is called an amateur, as distinct from a professional.” – by Wikipedia

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Over the past few years the amount of female participation in competitive paintball seems to be growing exponentially! Now, Shirley and Aspen Devera-Caldwell are stepping up to create a little bit of North American paintball history. 

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Hello followers of Girl Paintballer!

This site has been quite lean the past, few months, or more. Unfortunately when non-paintball life calls, some of us have to run away for a bit!

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            It's been awhile since I wrote for the blog and I wanted to write again. I got so many readers on my last blog and I did say I'd write again to let everyone know how my paint balling has been going. Since I last wrote I have been playing much much more, I've met so many players. I have yet to play along side a girl and in reality it will probably never happen, it seems as though females just won't play fear of getting hurt an being bruised up to them just isn't cute for us who play we wear our bruises with pride LOL. Hopefully in time we could change that but for now just seems impossible.

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