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Girl Paintballer - Jennifer R.

How I Got Involved

It was ’03 my senior year in high school and we were headed to swan lake for our senior trip. Upon arriving I grabbed the brochure and the FIRST thing my eyes saw was PAINTBALL, I convinced my friends to play and the next morning we headed out to the field to play woods ball NOT!! My forte but I was excited to play anyways. Threw out the entire game I bragged about taking them out, so after a few games the ref decided we’d play a different game called capture Osama and since I was always bragging about taking everyone out guess who was Osama yep ME. They put me in a ditch while my team protected me, unfortunately we ended up losing. After that I never played again till about 3 almost 4 years ago I was watching MTV Tr3s and saw the host L.boogs at NYC Paintball in queens that’s when I said I have to go there, so for my birthday we headed to NYC to play and 3 almost 4 years later here I am ADDICTED to the sport.



                The first 8 months into paintball I used a rental gun by Aug of ’09 I got my 2010 shocker smart part. This year for my birthday my boyfriend brought me a 2011 planet eclipse ego in red and blue, along with a dye rotor in black and blue speed feeder, as well as a ninja tank. My uniform is a black and white planet eclipse and black and white Nike cleats.


                When it comes to paintball what’s not to enjoy I mean I know many people think I’m crazy cause I play such a “dangerous sport” but I love the ADRENALINE, gearing up, having guys look down on you cause you’re a female playing “there sport” and then you get in the field and show them up cause you can play and not just run and scream scared, and of course the welts to prove it.


                My most negative experience would be my own team-mate Kenny. When I first met him he got under my skin. Why?? For the simple fact that he could NEVER give me credit when I deserved it instead he’d say “oh well you did ok for a GIRL”. Yet I have refs like Shay who work at NYC Paintball who see me as a “strong back player who can hold her own” and manager Nate who says “ I’m sneaky in the field” and always willing to learn more.

                My positive experience I’d say would have to be the kids I love having the kids come up to me and ask about my gun and cheer us on when they watch us play, such as our last visit to NYC Paintball the kids were counting down for us and cheering us. I remember coming out the field and taking my mask off and one little boy say “wow look even a girl plays”.



                At the moment I play as much as I can I have yet to play competitively but I hope to this summer, my team-mates and I would like to start a team but have to work around each other’s schedule  so god willing this summer I hope to compete and I’ll be sure to write about my experiences to everyone. My goal as a player is to encourage females to get out and play even if it’s just for fun with friends or your boyfriend at least try it before you say you don’t like it. I LOVE playing with the guys but I would like to be able to say I’m going paintballing with the girls. Another goal of mine would be to shut every guy up that thinks I’m just another girl in the sport and show them I CAN PLAY. Lastly I want to show my family and friends who don’t play that paintball isn’t just a “stupid sport” it’s a way of life!!


                The number 1 thing I’d like to see change would be to make paintball a more well known worldwide sport because I’m from New York and we’re I live there is nowhere to play or compete and I’d like to see it change, would be nice if New York held competitions not just small towns.


                My biggest competition in paintball would be my boyfriend who plays along side of me. I feel like he gives me credit because I’m his girlfriend, I strive for his acceptance as a player and his team-mate I would like it if he treated me more like his team-mate and not just his girlfriend and tell me when I make mistakes. He has definitely taught me just about everything I know when it comes to paintball and for that I thank him.

                I can’t sit here and say I’m great at what I do but I think I can hold my own on the field and as my cousin Anthony says “we still have lots to learn” and I’m willing to learn more. I look forward to growing as a Paintballer in the sport and I look forward to sharing my experiences and welts with you all.




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