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Girl Paintballer - Audrey Eckroth

set up: Dye gear and I shoot a new luxe
location: Washington right now but I’m a California baller 
years playing: 6 years of playing

How I got involved: My town Lodi,ca open up a paintball field called enemy painball. My uncle, cousin, sister and I tried it out one weekend and I got hooked up on it. I started with an ion. I played d3/d2 very fast cause i was playing the better people so i can get better. Was practicing with a d1 team back in 2006-7.

Why I enjoy it: I love playin it so much. Since my mom dies new years eve 05 I was super depressed in life but after started a new love for playing this sport, she’s not on my mind 24/7 like she was. My favorite part with this sport is to travel and meeting alot of new friends in this sport. People outside of paintball dont get why i play this sport but they understand me.
currently in the sport: I been a free agent since 2008.I love jumping on new teams and experiencing playing tournaments with them win or lose. I just played Vegas NPPL d3 with Ohio power and took 15th out of 50 teams i believe was awesome. I been playing d2 since 2008 but would love to move up and find a steady team and not jump around t other teams.

My goals: I would love to play d1 super soon and then be like the first female pro in this sport. I have what it takes i just need to find the right team to train me to get there. Being pro is my dream to be. My main reason why I’m planning on moving back to California so I can get noticed. Washington is not a place for me to make it to pro or d1.
One thing I would love to see in the sport: More girls....We had alot of girls playing national level back in 2008 but now all the girls I know who played this sport stopped playing and its sad. Its not a cheap sport but I would never quit playing at all. This is the sport for me and would love to get more girls into this sport again and playing national events.

Facebook: Audrey Eckroth add me if you want to see updates and if your a team whos looking for a free agent get at me:) 

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